Scholar & Speaker & Strategist


Dr. Chatelain’s Areas of Expertise and Practice



Dr. Chatelain helps organizations respond to and solve the challenges that confronts them. Problems can emerge when communication is impaired or unfinished business impedes progress. Dr. Chatelain is an experienced facilitator and strategist. She has provided support to schools grappling with negative incidents surrounding racism, assisted university departments in identifying new priorities after campus-wide protests, and led workshops on inclusive pedagogy for multiple high school faculties. From developing parent engagement programs to assessing diversity programs or thinking about the needs of first-generation college students, Dr. Chatelain uses her scholarly and practical experience to help organizations plan for the future.


In addition to confidential work, Dr. Chatelain has crafted workshops and training sessions for an array of organizations. Below is a snapshot of some of the projects developed by Dr. Chatelain, many of which engaged her expertise on diversity, inclusion, and educational leadership.


✎ Independent School Conversation Facilitation with Parents, Faculty, and Students after Sensitive Student Discipline Issue.

✎ Workshop with Faculty and Staff of a School of Social Work after Student Protests.

✎ Independent School Faculty Conversation Facilitation in the Aftermath of High-Profile Police Violence Case.

✎ Coaching Services for Staff of Private, Catholic School after Sensitive Student Discipline Issue.

✎ Workshops for Faculty, Staff, and Student Leaders at Public University after Large-Scale Student Protests.

Trainings and Workshops

✎ Cristo Rey Atlanta School, Faculty Workshop

✎ Teaching for Change/New America, Schools as Sites of Social Justice Workshop

✎ PBS News Hour Student Reporting Labs, Difficult Dialogues Program

✎ Northeast Province of Jesuits, Racial Justice Workshop

✎ Goucher College, Teaching for Today’s Inclusive Classroom

✎ Holy Trinity School Georgetown, Inclusive Teaching Workshop

✎ Lewis and Clark College, The Seven Habits of Effective Professors in Inclusive Classrooms

✎ DC Central Kitchen Healthy Schools Program Food Justice Workshop