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In the message box below, please provide 1) information on the inviting organization, 2) size of the audience, 3) type of presentation [keynote, plenary, panel, roundtable], 4) possible dates and times, and 5) program goals.  

Inclusive Teaching Workshops

If you want Dr. Chatelain to train your educators, please provide: 1) information on the institution type [K-12, college, university, professional association],  2) size of the faculty and or/staff participating, 3) key areas of concerns, 4) possible dates and times, and 5) workshop goals.

Strategic Planning Or Crisis response Management

Dr. Chatelain consults on sensitive matters regarding race, gender, and concerns about discrimination.  Please send a note requesting her telephone number and she will respond to schedule a phone call.

Media Requests

Please indicate your organization's name and the topic of interest in the subject line.  If you are on deadline, include the deadline in your e-mail to ensure a timely response.


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