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Dr. Chatelain offers keynote lectures, moderates panels, and presents workshops around the world. If you are interested in inviting Dr. Chatelain to your campus or community, consult this calendar first to determine her availability. She hopes to see you at her next event.

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Georgetown University Homecoming 2018 College Alumni Day

  • Georgetown University Washington, D.C. USA (map)


Lecture: Fast Food Civil Rights

Farmers markets occupy empty city lots. Nutritionists visit schools to teach children the difference between mustard greens and kale. A food revolution is clearly upon us. Yet, while health warriors figh an army of trans fats, value meals, and splashy advertisements, few have considered how fast food planted its flag so firmly into the racially segregated battlefields of this conflict. Drawing upon Professor Chatelain's research on race and fast food, this class will explore the precise moment in which the fast food industry transformed from a suburban oasis for families to a ubiquitous presence on the busiest corners of urban America.